Monstera deliciosa Large

Monstera deliciosa Large


The classic cheese plant is a popular choice for all houseplant enthusiasts. It became popular back in the 1950's and has recently regained its stance as a must-have houseplant. Its eyecatching foliage is iconic, and it is surprisingly easy to care for.


Grow your Monstera in bright, indirect light - if possible give it a few hours of morning or late afternoon sun.  Over time, Monsteras can also be trained up to take full sun for most of the day. Naturally growing on trees, these plants like to get plently of oxygen into their roots. Allow at least half the medium to dry out between waterings. If you forget to water your Monstera occassionally, your plant will be fine once given a healthy soak. 

Wild Leaf tip: for quicker and larger leaf growth, give your Monstera a moss pole to climb! 


All plants are sold in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are sold seperately. You can choose your style pot from our Pot Collection



Do not pot directly into our decorative pots. It's much better for your plant to keep it in its nursery pot to allow adequate drainage.


Plant in nursery pot, 32cm diameter - £118.00

Height: 90-100cm

Please note: plants will slightly vary in shape and size from the example image

Nursery Pot Size

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