Philodendron xanadu

Philodendron xanadu


Xanadu is one of our favourite Philodendrons - it makes a gloriously glossy green statement in any space.  This is a plant you can keep for many years.  It's relatively slow growing for a Philodendron, but matures into a beautiful shape with stunning woody stems. Xanadu is what's known as a 'self-heading' Philodendron, which means it supports its own weight and has a more compact shape compared with its climbing cousins.


Xanadu prefers bright, indirect light.  It will tolerate a shady position if kept on the dry side, but will grow more slowly.  It will appreciate sunshine in the winter, but over spring and summer should be protected from all but early morning or late afternoon sunshine. Let the top half of the compost dry out between waterings. All Philodendrons are toxic to cats and dogs if ingested, so keep Xanadu out of reach of your furry friends.


Did you know? Some species of ground dwelling Philodendrons have been reclassified into the genus Thaumatophyllum. (But that's a little too hard to pronounce!)


All plants are sold in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are sold seperately. You can choose your style pot by heading head over to our Pot Collection.  This large plant fits our XXL Almada pot (as shown in the product image).


Do not pot directly into our decorative pots. It's much better for your plant to keep it in its nursery pot to allow adequate drainage.


Plant in nursery pot, 27cm diameter - £77.00

Height - 85cm approx 

Please note: plants will slightly vary in shape and size from the example image. 

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