Phlebodium aureum

Phlebodium aureum


Phlebodium aureum is more commonly known as Blue Star fern. As a tree dwelling plant that has evolved to cope with short periods of dryness, Phlebodium is one of the hardier species of fern to grow indoors. Phlebodium is native to the tropical and subtropical rainforests of America.


Keep your Phlebodium in bright filtered light. It will appreciated morning or late evening sun, but keep the plant protected from midday and early afternoon sun.  We have found that soaking Phlebodium from below is the best way to water. This is because the plant has hairy rhizomes that sit on the surface of the compost and they don't much like getting wet. 


All plants are sold in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are sold seperately. You can choose your decorative pot from our Pot Collection - Phlebodium aureum in its 18cm nursery pot will fit our large Bali pots, as well as our large Almada pot, and our large Raw Stone pot.


Do not pot directly into our decorative pots. It's much better to keep the plant in its nursery pot to allow adequate drainage.


Plant in nursery pot, 18cm diameter - £19.00

Height - 40cm approx (including the height of the pot)

Please note: plants may slightly vary in shape and size from the example image

Nursery Pot Size

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