Pilea 'Mojito'

Pilea 'Mojito'


A relatively new culitvar of Pilea to the market is the Pilea 'Mojito'. The classic Chinese money plant is a staple houseplant for most plant collectors. It's an easy care plant and very rewarding to grow as they produce multiple pups or offsets. 


The Mojito is an attractive varietal due the interesting variegation the plant produces. The almost perfectly round leaves have a speckly creamy green variegation against the deeper green, resembling the classic muddled cocktail. 


Give your Pilea bright, filtered light. Given the variegation, plants tend to need a more consistant light to their cousins. Your Pilea may appreciate a little morning or late afternoon sun light, but shelter away from long periods of direct sun. Being of a succulent nature, you want to allow your medium to dry out about half way, on a regular basis. It's better to keep your Pilea on the drier side to avoid overwatering. 


As your Pilea matures, you may need to give your plant a bamboo stake for support. We also recommend to rotate your plant on a regular basis to allow even growth. 


All plants are sold in their nursery pots. Decorative pots are sold seperately. You can choose your style pot from our Pot Collection. Do not pot directly into our decorative pots. It's much better for your plant to keep it in its nursery pot to allow adequate drainage.


Plant in nursery pot, 13cm diameter - £35

Height - XX approx 

Please note; Plants will slightly vary in shape & size from the example image.