Raw Stone Pot

Raw Stone Pot

PriceFrom £14.00

Our raw stone pots have a very solid, organic feel, and a neutral colour palette.  


Size Chart

(Internal diameter, external diameter, height)


S - 14cm, 16cm, 13.5cm (suits 12-14cm nursery pots)

M - 17cm, 19cm, 15.5cm (suits 15-17cm nursery pots)

L - 19cm, 21cm, 18.5cm (suits 17-19cm nursery pots)

XL - 22cm, 24cm, 21cm (suits 19-22 cm nursery pots)

XXL - 27cm, 30cm, 28cm (suits 24-27cm nursery pots)


Do not pot directly into our decorative pots. It's much better to keep your plant in its nursery pot to allow adequate drainage. Please note: pots may vary slightly in shape and size from the example image. Plants are for display purposes only. To purchase the plants in their nursery pot head to our Indoor Plant selection.